I am the very imperfect son of a very imperfect man. I grew up in a small house with six people which generated a lot of noise—people coming and going, cooking, running, the creak of old stairs, the clang of a dropped pan, the peal of laughter—and, because of my dad Marv, the house was also full of music. All of the noise died away and was replaced with a needle being dropped on vinyl and the imperfect perfection of the pops and whizzes that a well-worn record produces.

image descripion That's Marv

For Marv, it was jazz—for me, it was rock and roll. But our passion and appreciation was the same. Bonding over music was what taught me that it really is the universal language, accessible to everyone and as important to a full life as eating or breathing.

Before he died in 2006, Marv said to me, “Brian, do not have any regrets.” It was that last bit of fatherly advice that stuck with me when I quit my desk job and decided to share with Des Moines what Marv had shared with me—music on vinyl.

image description Brian, Former Owner and Founder of Marv's Music

I opened Marv’s Music as a place my dad would be proud of. It’s a place to hang out, feel welcome and talk about music. This is the place to have the important conversations—Zeppelin or The Stones, Nirvana or Pearl Jam, Patti Smith or Kim Deal—where everyone, from Beatlemaniacs to Beliebers, are welcome. What brought me closer to my father, what made me a better person, and what continues to make me the man I am today, is Marv’s Music. That’s what the shop is about. Stop on by and have a listen.

—Brian Davis

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.