Marv’s Music is a place to talk about, think about and listen to music. It’s a shop, a coffeehouse, a lounge, a concert venue, a debate floor and just about anything else you want it to be. Here you’ll find good friends, great conversation, turntables, soul-warming drinks and—oh, yeah—about 3,000 new vinyl records.

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506 E. 6th St
Des Moines, IA 50309

Wednesday thru Sunday: Noon-6pm
Monday-Tuesday: Closed

We carry albums from artists old and new, including, but certainly not limited to, the following genres:

  • Indie
  • Punk
  • Rock and Roll
  • Folk
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Blues
  • Techno
  • Country
  • Classic Rock
  • Alt Rock
  • Bluegrass
And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know! We have a discount on all special orders pre-paid in advance.

At Marv’s Music, we also sell:

  • Peace Tea, Monster and Coke Products
  • T-Shirts

artwork in the shop

We are eternally grateful to Van Holmgren for lending his skill and talent to the murals in our shop. It’s music you can see.