Marv’s Record Store Day Final List!

What We’re Spinning: Revolver

Here it is Folks our final List for RSD19! We open at 9am and come early there will be a line! Park for free at 650 E Grand Parking Garage for FREE, its only a block away.

Free Food, Beer, Music all day! Even if you dont buy anything come on by!

Plus we are giving away 2 Hinterland Weekend Passes, so you have to come now!

Final List:
Grateful Dead Warfield 11

Prince 3

Box Sets
Devo 2
Goo Goo Dolls 2
Emmylou Harris

10 Inches
Culture Club 3
Mumford and Sons 3
Magpie Salute 3
Woody Guthrie
Jethro Tull
The Doors 7
Mastadon 3
Robert Johnson 3
Van Morrison 3
Cheech and Chong

Modest Mouse 3
Bowie / Dietrich 3
The Police 2
Santana 2
Houndmouth 3
JJ Cale 2
Morrisey 2
Chuck Mosley
Steve Earle
Lord Huron 2
Basement 3
Generation X
Motorhead Rockaway 2
Motorhead Overkill 3
Queen Bohemian 2
Iggy Pop
John Cage meets sun ra
John Hiatt Lilly Hiatt 2
Bad Religion 5

45s Boxes
Aretha 3
Soul Jazz Studio 1
Soul Jazz Boom Box

Allman Bros
Louis Armstrong 2
B-52s 5
Courtney Barnett
Bingo Handjob (Rem) 2
Tommy Bolin
Bone Thugs 2
Bowie World of 3
Bowie Pinups 7
Broken Social Scene 2
Breaking Bad
James Brown 4
Jeff Buckley
Canned Heat
Alice Cooper
Captain Beefheart 3
Elvis Costello 4
Cheap Trick 2
Eric Clapton
Def Leppard 2
Dillinger 2
Dr Dog 2
Dr Dre 4
Duran Duran
Dylan Blood on the Tracks 10
Anderson East 5
Bill Evans 2
Flaming Lips 8
Fleetwood Mac 6
Ace Frehley 4
Peter Gabriel
Noel Gallagher 2
Jerry Garcia Band 2
Gorrillaz 6
Grateful Dead Warfield 9
Grateful Dead Sage 6
Green Day 10
Greta Van Fleet 4
Herbie Hancock
Fuzzy Haskins
Bill Hicks
Private Parts – Howard Stern
Iggy Pop
I know what you did last summer
Jedi Mind Tricks
Elton John 2
Janis Joplin 3
Albert king 2
Kool Keith
John Lennon
Lightnin Hopkins
Little Walter 2
Lost in translation
Madonna Ture Blue 3
Madonna La Isla 3
Malcom X 2
Marc Maron 2
Mickey Mouse Disco
Wes Montgomery
My Chemical Romance 2
Office Space
Charlie Parker
Pearl Jam 7
Pink Floyd 5
Elvis Presley
Prince 10
Queen Bohemian 2
Dennis Quaid
Rasputin Stash 2
Otis Redding / Booker T 2
Lou Reed 7
The Residents 2
Rolling Stones Big Hits 3
Rolling Stones Through the past 4
Rush 5
Mark Ronson / Miley Cirus
Roots, Radics and Duv Syndicate
San Fermin 3
Seven Mary THree
Sherman Brothers
Sly and the family stone
Spider Man 4
Stax boy meets girl
Stax does beatles
Struts 2
Sublime 10
Sun Records
Tedeschi Trucks 4
Tiny Tim
Transformers revenge 3
Transformers dark of the moon 3
Transformers the album 3
Jeff Tweedy 9
U2 4
The Used 2
Townes Van Zandt 7
Vitamin Sting Quartet
Weezer Dusty Gems 4
Weezer Teal 6
Tony Joe White 3
Woodstock MONO 5

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